Greetings adventurers! We're excited to announce the latest update to our game, which includes a brand new island to explore - Shuu Island! This island features three distinct regions: Wolfgang Forest, where you can hunt bears and complete contracts, Ikduman-Skill, where your karma determines your ability to communicate with animals, and Senjuan Crater, where a special event can grant you a unique skill.

In addition to the new island, we've also made several improvements and additions, including the ability to steal from village shops, traps to catch rare animals, and the option to grow hops for brewing beer (with the potion-making upgrade).

We hope you enjoy these new features and fixes, and as always, happy adventuring!


-Published the game on and indiedb.

-Added option to not help the farmers in the well. They all die... -25 karma.

-Added item 089, Shovel, icon 217.

-Added trap to be dug with a shovel, then covered with a Branch, then you can wait to see if you caught something. Nothing/tanuki for now.

-Added Shovel to be crafted.

-Added Trapping skill.

-Added Trapping to the skillchecker.

-Added dog.

-Added event to get dog if you feed him a small-animal bone.

-Added chests in the village shops for you to steal, you can go to jail.

-Added thievery skill.

-Added thievery to the skillchecker.

-Fixed some grammatical mistakes.

-Fixed the entity.

-Added the island of Shuu.

-Added The Island of Shuu Port.

-Added the Wolfgang Forest.

-Added Bear Cub character.

-Added bear cub event, either cure or kill. +/-50karma and join of the bear.

-Added enemy bear.

-Added item 090, Bear Pelt, icon 1628.

-Added Bear Pelts to drop of Bears.

-Added Bears in Wolfgang Forest.

-Added Rabbid Bear contract.

-Added Bear Pelts to exchange and buy at the Warrior's sib.

-Added travel way to the Island of Shuu from the Monkey Island.

-Added Ikduman-Sil.

-Added the inside of Ikduman-Sil. Based on your karma you either face 4 Skeleton Barons or casually walk in.

-Added item 091, The Book of Magda Munda, icon 992.

-Added item 092, [Ability] Animal Tongue, icon 14.

-Added door to the Ikduman-Sil.

-Added the Book of Magda Munda inside the Ikduman-Sil.

-Added text to the Book of Magda Munda.

-Added cat event to enter small holes to get you some things. (Manor and Ikduman-Sil)

-Added text to the cows if you can speak with them.

-Added secret event with the cows that leads to a gameover.

-Added new text to the chickens when you can speak with animals. 

-Added event to the chickens.

-Added text to the beavers.

-Added Senjuan Crater.

-Created a Secret on the Senjuan Crater.

-Added new skill Draconic Attack, your normal attack is replaced with this if you complete the Senjuan Crater.

-Added tweaks to the secret event on Senjuan Crater.

-Added item 093, Hops, icon 277.

-Added Jail in Hator.

-Added treasure chests to be stolen in Hator.

-Added way back from the Shuu Island.

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