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Update 04.06.2023


Update 24.05.2023


Update 19.05.2023


Update 15.05.2023


Update 12.05.2023


Update 08.05.2023


Update 04.05.2023


Update 01.05.2023


Update 27.04.2023

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Update 24.04.2023


Update 19.04.2023



Update 14.04.2023



Update 08.04.2023




Update 04.04.2023


Update 03.04.2023


Update 02.04.2023

New skill checker.


Update 30.03.2023

Attention all adventurers! The next update to our game is going to be magical! We're excited to announce the arrival of the Magic College of Braviria! This esteemed college will allow you to hone your mana, learn powerful magic skills, and grow your companions.

In addition to training, you'll also have the opportunity to take lessons and exams to gain your Adventurer License. So, study hard and unleash your magical potential! This exciting update will be available soon, so keep an eye out for more information. Happy adventuring!



UPDATE 05.03.2023

Introducing the Underwater Temple


UPDATE 03.03.2023

"Introducing Monkey Island, a new island to explore after 100 days of gameplay! Complete two new quests for rewards, including unlocking the powerful coffee item and discovering an ancient temple. Stay tuned for our next big update: The Underwater Temple Renovation Story."

You can also check our changelog here:


Welcome to "The No-Name Project," where anything goes! Choose from 16 different character designs, with more on the way. In this game, you're free to adopt animals such as cows and cats to help you on your journey.

But that's just the beginning. With the power of necromancy, you can resurrect people from the graves you find throughout the game. Some you may have even killed yourself. Help a family one day, and kill them the next. Dig for gold in their basement, rob their graves, and resurrect them as your zombie slaves. The choice is yours.

In "The No-Name Project," there are endless possibilities. Fish to your heart's content, mine for precious gems and ores, and cut down trees if you are into that. You can interact with almost anything in the wilderness, uncovering hidden secrets and lore.

And the best part? "The No-Name Project" is updated weekly with new content, so the adventure never ends. So come on, join the fun, and see what kind of chaos you can cause in this wild and unpredictable world.

Our website is: https://nnp.mindquota.com/

If you do a gameplay please email us at mindquota@gmail.com so we can add the gameplay on our website!


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That's weird. When I went to the port, I don't see Zekra island. Do I need to do something first?

Hi Clef, Zekra island is a tougher place to fight so we added it on the Monkey Island Port. If you travel there, the Sailor will prompt the option.

Also, there is a new island (https://mindquota.itch.io/the-no-name-project/devlog/513942/game-0631) ready after you finish with Zekra, it can be accessed from the same place, at the port of the Monkey Island.