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Greetings adventurers! We're excited to announce the release of update, featuring new content and improvements. Journey to the kingdom of Ur, take down the king and conquer Lovendale and Hator to gain instant-travel options. Manage your own restaurant, send your companions to battle for your kingdom, and complete two new quests to upgrade your party's attacks and raise your bear cub's strength. Additionally, we've made numerous fixes and optimizations, including assistance from the mysterious figure in the Underwater Temple to unlock a door in the Shang Castle. Happy exploring!


-Added Mundo. -Added tent with Obaska. -Added scratcher event. -Added item 096, Scratcher, icon 193. -Obaska sells scratchers. -Added all air skills to the aviary class. -Added character Rooster. -Added event for the rooster to leave the farm if you talk with him. -Added event to meet again the rooster in Mundo and recruit him. -Added Mon's Character Generator Expansion (for future usages in characters). thank you! -Changed the window takes to hiddenone on rpgmakerweb. You a god! Also added some of their generator parts. -Added Balog the Ogre in Mundo to train Magic Attack. -Fixed scratcher consumable glitch. -Fixed Balog bug. -Added inn to sleep in Mundo. -Added 3 more rooms when you sleep in Mundo that can be opened using your thievery skill, 25,35,45 skillpoints needed. -Optimized some space by removing ununsed music. -Added new tent in Mundo. -Added new video. -Added the old one. -Added item 097 Mysterious Slab, icon 1022. -Added the mysterious slab near Ikduman-Sil. -Added the old one quest line starter. -Added character and class Golem and Faulty Golem, one has strong defence but lacks attack, the other vice-versa. -Added golem seller for 50k each. -Added house 2. -Added Pitona to start the Bear ceremony quest. -Added magic shop. -Added vendor to sell alchemical stuff. -Fixed the cat event. -Added house 3. -Added Heaven's Tear Forest N. -Added Beach. -Added crab enemies. they drop crabs... -Added waterfall to continue the bear ceremony quest. -Finished the bear ceremony quest. -Added mushroom men inside the Heaven's Tear Forest N. -Added Dream World. -Added enemy The old one. -Added skill Will-o'-the-wisp. -Added skill Petrify. -Added the end of the old one quest to unlock new skills. -Fixed a bug in the bear ceremony event. -Fixed a bug in the old one event. -Fixed an issue with the bear's cub description. -Added random kid in Mundo to tell you about vampirism. -Added state Vampirism. -Added skill Siphon. -Added the Cave of Echo. -Added bats in the cave. -Bats now inflict vampirism. (25% if they hit you with Siphon) -Made class Zombie, Phantom, Golem, to not be affected by vampirism. -When the vampirism state hits you, you instalearn Siphon. -Fixed some states attacks for various monsters. -Added Shang. -Added house in shang. -Added nun to cure illness and vampirism. -Nun teaches you how to heal. -Added restaurant. -Added stove to repair either with money for handiwork. -Added script to randomize what recipe each client wants. -Added upgradable tables and chairs. -Added store reputation system. -Added event to make clients appear randomly based on the restaurant's fame. -Added 8 random clients with 14 random recipes they can ask for. -Added for-sale sign. -Added ventor to buy the restaurant. -Changed the restaurant's bgm. -Added the castle. -Added hire mercenaries. -Added send cow to the army. -Added send entity to the army. -Added send Malan to the army. -Added send Anielka to the army. -Added send Dobrov to the army. -Added send Cat to the army. -Added send Marmaduke to the army. -Continued the Tulsa event to be able to send her to jail in Lovendale. -Added send Oolang Sulay to the army. -Added send Bonzaza to the army. -Added send Banana Peel to the army. -Added send Peanut Butter to the army. -Added send Coconut Cannon to the army. -Added send Jungle Jim to the army. -Added send Tatarzan to the army. -Added send Stuf Ed. Pork to the army. -Added send dog to the army. -Added send bear to the army. -Added send Kin to the army. -Added send Golem to the army. -Added send Faulty Golem to the army. -Added send Rooster to the army. -Added fisherman to sell fish in Mundo. -Added soldiers in the castle. -Added the king. -Added soldier enemies. -Added King enemy. -Added kill King. -Added secret room in the Cave of Echo. -Added new character Korag. -Added Mcvilda enemy. -Added Solaris enemy. -Added Korag enemy. -Added event kill order. -Added event join order. -Added event after killing the king and return to the order. -Added item 098, Secret Diary, icon 187. -Added book #3. -Fixed castle door sound. -Added upgrade walls event. -Added upgrade floor event. -Added War Room. -Added description and hint about the locked door. -Added conquer Lovendale. -Added conquer Hator. -Added weapon Skeleton Slime Sword, icon 1413. -Added event merge Slime Sword and Skeleton Sword to create the Skeleton Slime Sword, this is a damn abomination! -Added Sailor's Brother. -Added way to go to Mundo. -Added way back. -Fixed the event with the clues found. -Fixed buy golem event. -Added house 2 in Shang. -Added house 3 in Shang. -Added house 4 in Shang.

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