In the latest game update, the maximum level has been increased to 999, and players can now equip held items up to that limit. A captivating prison storyline has been introduced, accessible through Gomigdal at Braviria's College of Magic, where players can learn dark magic. Two new castle upgrades are available, allowing players to adorn their castle with gold and construct a treasury room. Exciting treasure maps can be found at Hold Court events, leading to a dragon skeleton that can be placed in the treasury upon completion. Rumors abound about a Poacher's Club in Algaria Forest, accessible by delivering 200 bear pelts to the Warrior's Sib, where players can engage in thrilling 4v4 battles to obtain a dragon egg. The hatched dragon companion can reach level 99, enabling flying across various terrains, including towers, forests, caves, and cities, greatly enhancing fast travel. Wands have been introduced as a new type of weapon, and fast-travel options on Algaria Island have been significantly improved.


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Full changelog:

-Added update to indiedb and itch.

-Added Braviria Prison.

-Fixed Kin event.

-Added upgrade golden walls.

-Added treasury.

-Added those two in the achievements.

-Added yanfly core to increase max level.

-Changed gold icon.

-Added new option for fps sync.

-Changed the maximum ammount of items.

-Added fast-travel House - Farm, Manor, Port.

-Added fast-travel Farm - House, Lovendale, Manor, Port.

-Added fast-travel Manor - House, Lovendale, Farm, Port.

-Added fast-travel Port - House, Lovendale, Farm, Manor.

-Added fast-travel Lovendale - Port, Manor, Farm.

-Added Hen coop.

-Added Hen coop event when 4 animals are gathered in the hen coop.

-Added weapon 39 Grass Staff, icon 1173.

-Added achievements for the new event.

-Added new weapon type, Wand.

-Added weapon 38, Magic Wand, icon 1691.

-Added weapon 39, Iron Magic Wand, icon 1692.

-Added weapon 40, Silver Magic Wand, icon 1693.

-Added all the wands in shops.

-Added item 142, Dragon Bones, icon 208.

-Added Dragon skeleton in the treasury.

-Added the location for three new treasure maps.

-Added treasure map 3,4,5 hold court event.

-Added item 143, Treasure Map 3, icon 190.

-Added item 144, Treasure Map 4, icon 190.

-Added item 145, Treasure Map 5, icon 190.

-Added Braviria Prison map.

-Added Braviria Prison interior.

-Added Prisoner Ilkhan.

-Added Prisoner Zandia.

-Added Prisoner Kom.

-Added item 146, Solidified demon soul, icon 558.

-Added eat demon soul event.

-Added Galv's wheel.

-Added Metalframe by Kagetora.

-You can win Solidified demon souls in wheel.

-Started poacher's club questline.

-Added Poacher's Club map.

-Added enemy Mechanical Cow.

-Added first battle.

-Added 2nd battle.

-Added new buffs for Entity after this battle.

-Fixed text for skill Phoenix.

-Added enemy Gorod.

-Added item 147, Dragon Egg, icon 268.

-Added egg hatch in the volcano.

-Added Character young dragon.

-Added new class dragon.

-Added dragons to the add army.

-Added event to level up the dragon when it hits level 99.

-Added item 148, [Ability] Dragon Fly, icon 30.

-Added fly event.

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